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Recap of the first competition day!

The day started as all of the athletes registered at the Lahti Sports and Fair center, and then gathered to Lahti stadium to receive the first event brief. It was at that moment when all of the athletes heard what the first two events would consist of.

The day started with a 250 meter hill sprint at Lahti Mäkimonttus skihill, the event was named Bon Voyage as the name gives away, it really was a way to send the athletes off in 20 person heats towards the ski hill.

Event 1A: Bon Voyage by Garmin

250m Sprint for time

The event continued from the sprint with a second part of the even Vain mäkimies voi tietää sen or loosely translated Only the ski-jump man can know it referencing to the strong ski jump culture in Lahti and Finland. The second part was a cross-country run of 5k in the beautiful ski routes of Lahti.

Event 1B: Vain Mäkimies voi tietää sen by Garmin

5km run for time

The weather was optimal and the surrounding scenery of Lahti ski stadium provided a great base for the running event.

Unfortunately , even with the best efforts we weren't spared of setbacks, as the competition management were faced with difficulties with the first sprint event. An outside contractor that provided the technology used in the event had a problem with the system and the tracking technology and all of the time statistics were mixed and unreliable. The whole team spent the whole of day one to try and solve the problem with finish line cameras and drone footage, and the decision of invalidating all results of event 1A resulted in various strong emotions from the athletes.

The second event was was performed at CrossFit 8000 Salpaus -box. At the brand new gym athletes were met with an event called Mieto Linda that consists of a modified classic CrossFit benchmark workout Linda , where deadlifts were replaced with Ski Erg and the bench press standard was changed from regular to military bench where feet have to be in the air instead of the floor. Sking and bench were followed by squat cleans.

Event 2: Mieto Linda by Rehband

For time (16 min Time Cap)


Ski (cal)

Bench Press

Squat Clean

Results you can find from

Ps. remember to utilise Rehband's who sponsored the second event competition offer where with the code: UNBROKEN20 you get -20% webshop.

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