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Recap of day 3 - we have all the winners!

Third competition day started with the semifinals of the main category that consisted of two parts. The first part had 30 toes to bars and 30 overhead squat with moderately light weights. After this the athletes had to do 3x5m journey by handstand walk, so that they wouldn't fall and in between every five meters they had to perform one free handstand push-up.

The event worked amazingly and challenged the athletes. It showed that if you went too fast in the first part it could affect your second part and doing well in the first part did not guarantee a good finishing place. The time cap of the event was 6 minutes.

After the first athletes needed find their one rep max hang snatch with a five minute time cap.

This event was also the final of Masters and Teens athletes. These athlete categories had handstand walk instead of free hand stand push ups.

Event 6A Urheilu on ihanaa by Barebells

For time (Time Cap 6min):

30 Toes to Bar

30 Over Head Squat

3 x 5m Handstand Walk + Free Handstand Push Up

Event 6 B

Find Max kg for

Hang Snatch

After the semifinals the top 20 from men and women continued their way to finals, which spicy mix of thrusters and burpees. This event had no time cap.


For time

15 Thruster (50/35kg)

6 Bar Facing Burpee

12 Thruster

6 Bar Facing Burpee

9 Thruster

6 Bar Facing Burpee

6 Thruster

6 Bar Facing Burpee

3 Thruster

6 Bar Facing Burpee

After the fast paced finals this years Unbroken winners were crowned.

In the main category mens podiums first place was claimed by Henrik Haapalainen. Second place went to CrossFit Oslos Victor Helsinghof at an incredible speed and third place went to Ville "the viking" Parviainen, a two time Unbroken winner who returned from a long competition break.

In the women's category for the second year in a row Marika Seppälä rose to the first place, and Stefanie Hagelstam took second place, even though she was the competition leader before the final event. The third place went to Andra Moistus who came to represent Estonia and took the event win in the final event.

In the Masters women's category Terhi Vuorio rose to an overpowering win, with Tuula Andreasen in second place and Outi Hänninen in third. On the mens side the first place went to Jonne Anttila, Pasi Perkiömäki took second place and Tomi Kuusela took the third place.

In Teens the battle was tough both on the girls and boys side, and the winner were solved only in the event. Teen girls first place went to Kaisa Rautio, who competed in her first big CrossFit competition. Second place went to Ninja Koskinen and third Janika Multamaa.

Unbroken 2022 Lahti Edition took athletes to different environments and offered new challenges. The whole competition organisation thanks everyone that participated and attended and made this weekend possible.

Please help us improve the competition by giving us feedback. You can access the survey


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