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In order to receive an invite to the Unbroken 2022 finals, athletes must qualify thorough and online qualifier event. The online qualifier will be held from the 6th ‘till the 15th of August, in a very familiar pattern, as the event is a single event consisting of three parts. The qualifier event will be released on Saturday 6th of August during a live broadcasting. The instructions and the event in whole will be published at immediately after the broadcasting.


Avoin (Main category)

In the main category, 50 athletes  will qualify from the qualifier. This year the 50 athletes will be split into two sub categories after the first finals day.  The two sub categories are ELITE (20 athletes) and RX (30 athletes). In the ELITE categories the weights, gymnastics volume and some movements may be a bit more challenging than in RX.


Teens <20

As seen last year, the Teens category makes a comeback. Again this year 10 of the fittest teens from both male and female will compete in the finals, giving everyone a show who the future CrossFit stars are!



In the MASTERS 40+ category we will again see the fittest of the fittest master athletes, as the top 10 male and female athletes from the qualifier will take their place on the finals arena.

Qualifier 2022


7 min AMRAP:


21 Wall Ball

15 High Box Jump Over

9 Devil's Press (2 x 22.5 kg / 2 x 15 kg)


In 7 minutes:


Find max in Hang Snatch + 2 x Overhead Squat


7 min AMRAP:


Row 1100 / 900 m


then rest of the time


1 Toes to Bar + 1 Pull Up


Do Toes to Bar and Pull Up in turn.


Tiebreak is the rowing time.

Event instructions & resultcard

Instructions & movement stadards

Remember to read the event instructions and movement standards carefully before your performance! When you do the event, remember to video your performance and upload it to the results service system The videos are checked randomly.


Download the scorecard ready for your event performance.

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