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Unbroken x Finland's Strongest Man

In collaboration with Finland's Strongest Man organisation and Nocco Finland, we've built our own spectacular strong man arena for the Unbroken competition.

All athletes will get the chance to test their strength with events and equipment that are familiar from strong man competitions. A custom made Viking press made for Finland's Strong Man competition will become familiar to all of the athletes.

Finland's Strongest Man competition is the oldest strong man competition in the world that has been organised continuously, that has been founded in Finland by Ilkka Nummisto and Markku Suonenvirta. Finland's Strongest Man and Women titles are competed for every year. You can read more about the sport from here:

At Unbroken you are going to meet the founder of Finland's Strongest Man ry, competition organiser and Finland's Strongest Man title winner from 1989, Markku Suonenvirta.

We welcome you to come and see the spectacular Unbroken event and how our CrossFit athletes are able perform strong man events during the weekend!

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