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Ivan Rosa Casals about Unbroken: "The whole event is special. The workouts are pure CrossFit"

Ivan Rosa Casals is a Spanish CrossFit affiliate owner and an athlete, that has competed in Unbroken since 2018.

1. What made you decide to compete in Unbroken?

I remember finding the competition on Facebook and taking a look at pictures from other years, and thinking that it could be an impressive event. I normally try to compete outside my country so I can do some tourism at the same time. I’d never been to Finland so I thought “why not?”.

My first year was 2018 and it was an amazing experience though a bit cold for me hahaha, but I will always remember the experience.

2. How many Unbroken competitions have you participated in?

I have participated in 3 Unbroken competitions (2018, 2019, 2021).

3. What do you think is special about this competition?

The whole event is special, the staff is very gentle and they make you feel at home.

The workouts are pure CrossFit, or what I understand as pure CrossFit. You always have a combination of metcon, gymnastics and weightlifting skills, unlike a lot of events that prioritize just weights and more weights. The workouts are really balanced.

And for sure all the people, the crowd and the atmosphere inside the arena are totally crazy.

4. What are your best memories from there?

The people, the organization of the event and the country. It is totally different from Spain, I really like your culture and it looks like your way of thinking is more aligned with mine than that of my own country 😅. People are so respectful towards everyone and everything, I like this.

5. Who would you recommend to compete in Unbroken?

I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a great, big and well organized event, but at the same time wants to find an approachable and dedicated staff.

6. Are you coming for this year's Unbroken? What are your expectations?

I will give the qualifiers a go!

About my expectations... They are just the same as I had in the past and I have already mentioned: a well organized event with fun workouts and cool people 😉

7. How are you preparing for this year´s competition?

Actually, I switched my plan and now I’m following The Program with a coach helping me to improve my main weaknesses (heavy weights). We did great in my first masters competition this year (CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown Classic), but we need to keep improving.

8. The competition will be held in a new location this year. What kind of event do you wish to see?

I saw the new location. It is bigger than the one in Espoo and with more services, so I think we’ll have a lot of surprises that will take athletes and the event to their next level.

After changing to a big location, some events lose their spirit and the atmosphere feels cold, so what I wish is for the organizers to keep doing what they have done in the past, try to include an outdoor event, and keep making athletes feel comfortable inside the main arena.

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